Welcome to the 40th Anniversary History Project

of the Grand Rapids Michigan Stake

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding our our stake, we thought it would be nice to look back and review some of the wonderful people we have known and experiences we have shared. Please enjoy the trip down memory lane!


Timeline Chart of Units  - click for EXCEL (easier to read) or PDF format



  1.  Early History of the Church in Michigan

            - Chronology of Major Events

  2.  Early History of the Church in West Michgan to 1975

  3.  First Stake Presidency - Goodwin: 1975-1985

  4.  Second Stake Presidency - Price: 1985-1994

  5.  Third Stake Presidency - Stoddard: 1994-2003

  6.  Fourth Stake Presidency - Jones: 2003-2012

  7.  Fifth Stake Presidency - Smith: 2012 - present (pending)

  8.  Big Rapids

  9.  Fremont

10.  Grand Rapids 1&2/Comstock Park/Grand Valley

            (see also Wyoming)

11.  Grand River (Deaf)

12.  Grandville (Spanish Speaking)

13.  Greenville/Belding

14.  Hart/Shelby

15.  Hastings

16.  Holland

17.  Ludington

18.  Muskegon/North Muskegon

19.  Spring Lake/Grand Haven (see also Muskegon)

20.  Wyoming (see also Grand Rapids)


Additional Information and Resources


  A Brief History (1975-1999) by Ken & Betty Simons


  Selected Directories of Stake and Unit Leaders:

          September 1983

          June 1988

          June 1989           

          October 1991           

          December 1992           

          November 1994          

          December 1995          

          June 1996          

          (Month unknown)1997          

          July 1998          

          July 1999          

          January 2000          


  Audio Files - from the CD "Stories of Faith"

       (A collection of stories and musical numbers)


  Grand Rapids Ward Chapel Dedication of 6 November 1964

       (here's a look WAY back)




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